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Man pages

I started to read the "Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook". Chapter 1 is named "Where to Start" and gives an overview of the remaining book and some references where to find help.

The book tries to cover the Debian based distributions, the Red Hat based distributions, including SUSE, and BSD using FreeBSD as an example.

The section about man pages was a nice reminder. Man pages are grouped into different sections. You can find the sections on the man page of man, by running man man.

The command man -k <word> searches for man pages with the given word in their synopses. An alias for this is apropos.

If you add new man pages, you can regenerate the index on Debian using mandb.

Most man pages are stored, gzip compressed, in /usr/share/man. On Debian, the command manpath lists the search paths for man pages.

Man pages are opened with the command stored in the PAGER environment variable.