Open Source, Linux, Embedded Linux, Learning


I'm interested in Linux and Open Source. The "project" tifoss is a hobby project and represents a part of my "private personality".

You may ask yourself why I don't have one account, and build up a social profile like others do. The answer is quite simple, I'm doing this in my spare time, I have many different hobbies and a family, I don't have any commercial interest and I like my privacy.

Here, you can expect form time to time posts about my spare time open source and Linux related projects. This is mainly a documentation for myself, and not a publication, but I like to share my knowledge.

Don't expect to many updates.

This blog has no comments, since running a blog or social community is none of my hobbies. If you find bugs or have questions about my log, feel free to contact me on Mastodon or by email.

Mastodon: https://digitalcourage.social/@tifoss

eMail: me@tifoss.eu